CDL is an international Management Consultant firm specialising in the design and delivery of coaching and training solutions that support business and people capability.

CDL's services include solutions for change and outplacement, leadership and staff development and retention and engagement.

Since 1998 thousands of businesses have trusted CDL to protect their brand, develop their staff and grow their business.

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Why Choose CDL?

  • Nation-wide
  • Expert Coaches
  • Independent
  • Post Programme Support
  • Proven Results
  • Flexible and Customised

"CDL’s working style, the skills of the facilitator and the modular based approach enabled us to tailor programme content and delivery within a unique learning context, to ensure it delivered the outcomes we sought.

Thanks CDL, always a pleasure to work with you."

Janine Lipsys, HR Manager, Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd

We design and deliver solutions across three major divisions:

Change and Outplacement

CDL are experts in change & outplacement solutions and for over 17 years we have supported employees during times of restructure and career transition with our outplacement programmes, upskilled managers and team leaders to positively guide their people through change and been there for business leaders and owners to offer advice and guidance when they needed it.

By using CDL, businesses have ensured their brand is protected, that change is productive and positive and that all staff (current and past) are ambassadors for the business.

Our change & outplacement services include:

  • Change consulting
  • Multi-level Outplacement
  • Internal application
  • Retirement planning
  • Managing an ageing workforce

If you are thinking about change or if you have staff exiting the business, make sure you talk to one of our experts first to ensure that any impact on your business in a positive one.

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Leadership and Staff Development

CDL offers an extensive range of staff development training programmes, unique customisable development pathways & public short courses designed to accommodate senior executives, people managers and any valued staff members.

Delivered as in-house programmes, 1-2-1 coaching or flexible blended pathways all our courses are highly practical and passionately delivered by subject matter experts with real world experience.

Our range of leadership and staff development solutions include:

  • Courses and Programmes
  • Pathways
  • Development on Demand
  • CDP Short Courses
  • Coaching for Executives
  • e-Solutions and tools

We pride ourselves on results so our programmes are supported by real reporting, post training support and our learning substantiality tools including our praised EffectIX™ system for in-house programmes.

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Retention and Engagement

CDL’s retention and resources division is all about just that, retaining your critical staff through retention solutions and valuable resources.

Often retention and engagement’s importance is underestimated, but staff turnover can be one of the biggest expenses to a business with reports showing that for every staff member that leaves it costs 150% of their annual salary to replace them.

We help retain and engage your staff by not just offering programmes, but also coaching and E-learning in:

  • Motivation and Engagement
  • On-boarding employees
  • Career Management

We also have an amazing online development resources, engagement surveys & motivation tools. If keeping your best staff is important talk to us about all the way we can help.

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EffectIX™ is our unique learning enforcement & support system

EffectIX™ has been designed to ensure maximum support, sustainability, reporting, engagement and return on investment from all our in-house development programmes.

This system was created to ensure that we deliver, and you in turn, achieve results.

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