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Managing an Ageing Workforce

Baby boomers are approaching retirement.  By 2031, the number of New Zealanders aged 65 and over is predicted to exceed one million (Ministry of Social Development, 2011), and 85% of New Zealand companies are concerned that this will consequently lead to negative impacts on their businesses (Robert Half, 2016).  What will happen when older employees […]

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Change Management Has Never Been So Important

In today’s business world organisations have to frequently change to keep up with the dynamic and ever-changing environment. Whether it’s a small change like implementing a new system or a much larger change such a company merger or takeover, the way the change is managed determines success or failure. Change management is difficult because people are […]

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Outplacement – Are you ready?

We’ve all heard the terms before; Restructure, redundancy, down-sizing and RIF (reduction in force).  These events can quickly mutate from jittery whispers into fear and paralysis as employees begin to seek answers and obtain some form of assurance during times of workplace disruption and uncertainty. For a Manager, restructure or downsizing can be a very […]

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Change Impact Assessment

What is a change impact assessment?A change impact assessment is a series of steps that you go through to assess and analyse the impact of a proposed organisational change. Change needs to happen if an organisation wants to deliver on its vision and thrive in today’s fast-paced, global economy. Change enables organisations to drive results more […]

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Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations – Five steps to dealing with difficult conversations between Manager and Employee

The need for difficult or courageous conversations with individual employees often crops up for Managers.    Common examples of causal factors include personality clashes within the team, a poor attitude, tardiness, workplace bullying, a difference of opinion, conflict between employees, substandard performance or communication breakdown.   The key to addressing and overcoming these obstacles is […]

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People Management Series Part 1: Square Employee, Round Job Role? Round off their Edges with Effective Performance Conversations.

Every manager has, at some time or other, had at least one ‘problem’ employee who simply doesn’t fit (square peg, round hole).  This is someone they inherited, recruited (only to find the employee who shows up to work is not the one they recruited!) or someone who started with a bang and then lost momentum. […]

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