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People Management Series Part 2: The Importance of Career Development Conversations

People Managers across every industry sector are competing to find ways to engage and retain the people they can’t afford to lose as global economies improve and skill shortages reach new peaks.  Historically, career development has been regarded as the responsibility of the employee – ‘I want my people to be empowered and to be accountable […]

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People Management Series Part 1: Square Employee, Round Job Role? Round off their Edges with Effective Performance Conversations.

Every manager has, at some time or other, had at least one ‘problem’ employee who simply doesn’t fit (square peg, round hole).  This is someone they inherited, recruited (only to find the employee who shows up to work is not the one they recruited!) or someone who started with a bang and then lost momentum. […]

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2016 L&D Programme of the Year Award

GROUND CONTROL TO L&D – the theme for the 2016 National Conference of the New Zealand Association for Training and Development (NZATD) Conference, paralleled the musicality of the unforgettable David Bowie, who through a variety of music outputs, stayed forever true to the quality of his music. This very same ethos applies to today’s L&D […]

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Personal Effectiveness: 10 Traits

To become successful one has to use the resources at their disposal effectively so as to achieve their goals in the shortest time possible and with minimum waste. To get a better understanding of personal effectiveness and how it can be achieved, let’s take a look at the top 10 traits exhibited by personally effective […]

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