Outplacement – How To Support Your Staff Through Change

Changes in the workplace can result in a requirement to transition employees into different roles. In some cases, this might include roles outside of the business altogether and, unless managed well, the result can be detrimental to productivity, morale and motivation. Outplacement support is essential to ensure a smooth transition for those impacted by change.

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Change Management – What Can Go Wrong?

Change is inevitable. Businesses go through various degrees of change, and consequent change management programs, on a regular basis. Sometimes it is industry driven; sometimes it’s a result of customer feedback; and other times it’s simply to remain competitive. Change is not always seen as favourable, particularly by those directly impacted. Unless it is managed […]

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Top 10 Tips When Choosing An Outplacement Provider

Poor outplacement services can reflect negatively on the organisation offering the support. How can you be certain that the company you opt to work with will provide the support your employees need? Whether your organisation is transitioning one person, or several hundred employees, you want to know that your organsiation and the affected person are […]

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