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Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations – Five steps to dealing with difficult conversations between Manager and Employee

The need for difficult or courageous conversations with individual employees often crops up for Managers.  Common examples of causal factors include personality clashes within the team, a poor attitude, tardiness, workplace bullying, a difference of opinion, conflict between employees, substandard performance or communication breakdown. The key to addressing and overcoming these obstacles is communication – a fundamental […]

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career development

People Management Series Part 2: The Importance of Career Development Conversations

People Managers across every industry sector are competing to find ways to engage and retain the people they can’t afford to lose as global economies improve and skill shortages reach new peaks.  Historically, career development has been regarded as the responsibility of the employee – ‘I want my people to be empowered and to be accountable […]

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People Management Series Part 1: Square Employee, Round Job Role? Round off their Edges with Effective Performance Conversations.

Every manager has, at some time or other, had at least one ‘problem’ employee who simply doesn’t fit (square peg, round hole).  This is someone they inherited, recruited (only to find the employee who shows up to work is not the one they recruited!) or someone who started with a bang and then lost momentum. […]

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Employee Performance: 5 Top Tips for Improvement

The success of a business is hinged upon the performance of its employees. Even with all the other factors of production – land, capital, and enterprise – a business will not produce without labour. The problem with labour is its complexity; it’s human. Although every boss wants his/her employees to always perform highly, few of […]

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The Swinburne Leadership Survey

A quick review of the Swinburne Leadership Survey, 2015 After polling 800 Australian adults in 2014, the Swinburne Leadership Survey produced some interesting revelations on beliefs about the nation’s leaders and citizens. The study not only surveyed political leaders, but other leaders in society as well. These included religious, community, trade union and business leaders.

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