Advice and solutions that enable your employees to embrace change and develop resilience.

On the back of over 20 years' experience, we provide advice and solutions that enable your employees to make the most of the opportunities that change represents. 


When businesses undergo change, your people go along for the ride. We will give you insight into increasing your long-term profitability and sustainability, while getting your existing and emerging talent on board.


 Our change management and resilience solutions are delivered through in-house workshops, one-to-one coaching, blended solutions and online resources and tools.


When managers and people leaders are not equipped to manage workplace change personally, they will inevitably lack the skills to effectively lead others in a change environment. Ensure your leaders demonstrate behaviour that aligns with personal ‘buy in’ to change, that they understand and apply the three critical skills essential for successful change implementation, they know to squash the ‘rumour mill’ and how to identify and support those who are simply not coping.


Assist your people to move on from the fear of the unknown to embracing the opportunities that change presents. Provide the skills and tools for people to identify any personal barriers to change, to recognise and leverage off the strengths of their own behavioural change style and to enhance personal levels of resilience, flexibility and adaptability.

Developing Personal Resilience


Resilience often lies in wait until it is ready to be put to the test. Prepare your people by providing essential skills and techniques ‘at their fingertips’ to be ready to cope when the ‘going may get tough’. Ensure the victim mentality doesn’t creep in and instead build optimism and self-confidence so that people bounce back quickly and are able to turn adversity into opportunity.


When business restructure or change leads to the creation of new roles, internal applicants must understand the  additional effort that has to be put into the application process. Employees need to be ready to clearly communicate their value in an internal interview rather than relying on the assumption that they are already known to the business. Only when having the relevant details will selectors be able to make an informed and objective recruitment decision.


Reactive change is hazardous, while carefully planned and executed change delivers on the outcomes that the business needs. Our experts will guide your key change agents and decision makers through a structured process, to ensure that change related risk is identified and mitigated so that sustainable outcomes are achieved.

Why gamble with the investment being placed into your people?  Engage us for a lasting solution that delivers on your business strategy.

  • We create learning environments where assumptions are challenged and established ways of thinking and acting are tested and adapted.
  • Our interactive, customised, relevant and practical learning techniques ensure new skill and behaviour is not only applied – it becomes second nature.
  • Our blended learning approach has been designed to cater to differences in individual learning behaviours, levels of resistance, self-discipline, roadblocks, and the innate ability to sustain focus and motivation.
  • We take the time to learn about your people, the company’s values and culture, and the results you need for the business vision to be realised.
  • Our highly experienced subject matter-experts facilitate customised workshops and tailored coaching programmes that are practical and results focused.
  • To ensure relevance, we incorporate specific pain points experienced by your business and your people into our facilitation.

Simply put, we represent the research that demonstrates the learning modalities that ensure new skill and behaviour is applied and sustained for the long term.

Employees have found the delivery style participative and engaging, the topics covered to be thought provoking and they came away with insights into how well they were really prepared for this upcoming stage in their lives.

One of the key benefits of using the professional services of CDL is the quality of their people, the flexibility and ease of use of the programmes they apply and the sensitive and empathetic approach they show to managers and staff. CDL is an organisation I can rely on to make a difference.

I have engaged CDL for several years, both as an Organisational Design and Development Manager and in my current role as General Manager, Human Resources. We selected CDL exclusively from a large number of consulting firms to provide professional development assistance at general staff, senior management and executive management levels. The feedback has been universally positive and I can recommend CDL’s services wholeheartedly to any organisation undergoing large scale change.

I have always found CDL to be very approachable, helpful and professional and they have certainly added value to our team.

I have worked with CDL for a number of years now. They are responsive and adaptive in their approach and professional in their dealings. The feedback from individuals who use their service has always been positive and it is good to know that the assistance that CDL provides is valued.

Human Resources Manager Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
General Manager Human Resources, Public Trust
General Manager Human Resources
Manager Personnel Licensing Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
HR Manager

Talk to us to ensure your change project is implemented smoothly so that you have the time to address other priorities. 

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