Change Management – What Can Go Wrong?

Change is inevitable. Businesses go through various degrees of change, and consequent change management programs, on a regular basis. Sometimes it is industry driven; sometimes it’s a result of customer feedback; and other times it’s simply to remain competitive. Change is not always seen as favourable, particularly by those directly impacted. Unless it is managed appropriately, it can have a disastrous effect on staff morale and efficiency. So what are some businesses doing wrong when it comes to change management?

No discussion or communication

Communication in the workplace is important at all times, and never more so than when change is occurring. One of the most critical elements to success is keeping lines of communication open and knowing that the more details that are shared, as soon as they come to hand, the less chance there is of rumours and innuendo taking hold. Failing to communicate why changes are necessary can have a significant negative impact and result in resistance, so try to keep your teams ‘in the loop’ wherever possible.

Lack of planning and impact analysis

Implementing change without consideration of how employees will be impacted as well as process adjustments needed, is a recipe for disaster. Process owners need to be included in planning discussions so that all consequences are considered and ‘business as usual’ can continue as best as possible. Without proper planning, there is a chance changes can be introduced in a piecemeal fashion, which can lead to errors, inefficiency and significant complications in the long run.

Skillsets and training not adjusted

Change often brings with it a requirement to alter the way a process is carried out. This may be as a result of a new piece of technology or legislation, for example, which necessitates compliance on many levels. Failure to appropriately up-skill employees, provide adequate training and ensure those who feel outside their comfort zone are supported can cause long-term issues.

Organizations with a desire to grow and continue to develop will always be changing in some way. It is important that all employees are included in discussions about the vision for change and taken on the journey as a team. Change management is critical to the success of any adjustment within an organisation and it needs to be handled with great care to avoid significant impacts on both business-wide and personal levels.

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