How To Build Staff Motivation And Morale

A manager has a significant impact on the morale of employees. Building staff motivation can be a challenge, however knowing how connect with staff and engage them can provide results for the individual as well as the business as a whole.

Here are 4 tips to adopt to ensure you keep employees motivated and help to greatly improve productivity.

1. Communication is more than listening

Communication is a two-way street. Employees need to know that their opinions and contributions are encouraged, valued and listened to. Feedback must be sought regularly and management needs to be open to both negative and positive thoughts. When a staff member encounters an issue that may impact their productivity, they need to be confident that they can speak up. Encouraging staff to voice complaints gives them confidence and encouragement to work through issues.

2. Seek contributions from employees

When you involve employees in the decision making process, you inevitably boost morale and increase job satisfaction. When staff contribute opinions and suggestions to improve processes, they work harder, more effectively and less begrudgingly.

The delegation of decision-making is also a positive step forward for management, freeing them up to partake in other value-added activities.

build-staff-motivation-moraleMore often than not, employees come up with innovative and creative ways to approach new tasks and in the long run it could result in significant benefits for the business.

3. Offer regular training and development opportunities

Employees that are given regular opportunities to further develop themselves and partake in training programs are motivated to perform and end up doing their job more efficiently.

By aligning training to their individual development plans, you are helping to support their goals and ambitions and supporting their professional development.

4. Rewards and recognition

Rewarding staff for their performance and recognizing achievements is essential when it comes to boosting morale and building employee motivation. Keep it simple, timely and fair. Make sure staff also share in the successes of the company too so that they feel that their contributions help to make up the bigger picture.

As a manager, remember always that your attitude is contagious and the key to building staff motivation and morale is in ensuring that everyone has a voice and that their opinions and contributions are valued. It may be challenging but it is very rewarding.

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