Hows and Whys of Retaining Staff To Boost Your Business

We all understand the importance of a well skilled, highly polished team of employees.  Every business owner would agree that a team of high performing staff and a set of clear, concise and up to date procedures and policies, goes a long way to creating an environment in which employees can thrive. Retaining key staff is also essential to business success and your business may be significantly impacted if it lacks a retention program.

How to retain staff

Depending on the stage your business is at, you may be looking to expand your workforce, introduce changes to encompass productivity improvements or streamline your operations to eliminate waste.  Regardless of the situation, knowing how to retain key staff and ensure they are motivated to join you on your journey takes experience.

Why retaining key staff is so important

Retaining positive and motivated staff is essential when your business is on a journey of change and never more important when success is the goal.  Here are a few key reasons.


High employee turnover is very costly for any business due to the requirement to recruit as well as train up new staff.  It is also costly on a productivity level as employee morale can be significantly impacted.


When employees leave, they take with them a huge knowledge base regarding the processes, procedures and policies.  The gap left can significantly reduce the quality of output and inevitably impact customer service.

Employee retention program

Are you looking to establish an employee retention program but not sure where to start?  Begin with identifying staff worth investing in and those with the talent to ensure your business can meet its current needs, but also identify gaps in training and succession planning that need to be addressed.

Benefits of retaining staff

Retaining staff benefits your clients too, as they can continue to enjoy continuity of service with employees who understand their needs and requirements.  It also helps to create a positive workplace culture by giving employees a sense of value and belonging as they are continually trained and supported through career development.

If you need further specialized guidance in relation to retaining staff, contact CDL Insight Consulting today. Get your business off to a flying start with a range of tailored solutions to ensure your staff’s talents are identified and retained.


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