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Our consulting, design and delivery solutions are delivered by experts with extensive real-world business experience and can be provided at your location or at ours, nationwide or in select international locations.  With us at your back, you can be confident that your people will be given every opportunity to apply new skills and demonstrate new behaviours.

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  • Achieving Consensus and Buy-in

    Achieving Consensus and Buy-in

    Gaining consensus and achieving buy-in each have an important part to play in how decisions are made and how companies evolve. The fundamental difference between consensus and buy-in relates to who makes the decision.

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  • Adapting to New Zealand Business Culture

    Adapting to New Zealand Business Culture

    This programme provides the skills to alleviate the personal and work-related demands that come with adjusting to a new way of life in New Zealand.

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  • Advanced Problem Solving

    Advanced Problem Solving

    Finding solutions to multi-dimensional problems involves identifying and measuring all of the factors and selling the solution to a range of stakeholders to reduce the impact of a crisis situation.

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  • Anger Management Coaching

    Anger Management Coaching

    Confidential and personalised, one to one coaching focuses on potential causes of inappropriate behaviour, targets both personal and work-related emotional triggers and teaches the skills associated with controlling behaviour, compromise and developing more effective interpersonal strategies.

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  • Assertiveness Skills

    Assertiveness Skills

    Be heard and learn how to express your thoughts and ideas in an assertive and effective way without coming across as aggressive. Assertiveness is a strong interpersonal skill and this course will provide you with the skills to take control of situations without alienating others.

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  • Blue Sky Thinking

    Blue Sky Thinking

    The person who is capable of blue sky thinking inspires engagement and enthusiasm in those around them. People are encouraged to identify the limitations in current thinking processes so that possibilities can be considered and growth is fostered.

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  • Career Assessment

    Career Assessment

    While employers often focus on competency measurement, Career Assessment coaching focuses on those factors that drive culture fit, individual motivation and job satisfaction.

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  • Career Change

    Career Change

    This confidential coaching programme, provides a career assessment focus along with the practical skills and job search resources that are needed to change careers and is suited to employees who are impacted by redundancy and are looking to a career change, either by choice or because existing technical skills are becoming obsolete and are no longer in demand.

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  • Career in Transit

    Career in Transit

    CDL’s state of the art technology platform consists of Career Focus™, Resume PLUS™ and Integrated Transition™ – three distinctly separate e-learning portals to practically support employees in their career transition.

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  • Career Management

    Career Management

    Take charge of your career and develop a structured plan that will enable you to identify and accomplish your short, medium and long term professional goals. This course will give you direction and clarity that will enable you to make informed career decisions now and in the future.

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  • Career Resilience

    Career Resilience

    This programme is designed for employees who have a potentially obsolete skill set and need to learn and apply the skills that will provide ongoing value to the business and safeguard their employment.

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  • Career Search

    Career Search

    Career Search provides a platform for identifying future professional goals and when combined with job search, provides the answers two important questions: “What do I want to do next?” and “How do I get there?”

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  • CareerSpec


    There is a direct connection between the opportunity for growth and development and a company’s ability to attract, engage and retain their employees. CareerSpec™ guides the employee in their development so professional goals can be realised.

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  • Change Management Strategy

    Change Management Strategy

    Plan for and implement sustainable change in your organisation by having the skills, tools and resources that minimise risk, counter resistance and ensure stakeholder commitment to the future vision.

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  • Changing Direction

    Changing Direction

    Over the next few years as technology advances, many traditional occupations are likely to become scarce or may disappear altogether, creating a unique set of challenges to be overcome. This confidential coaching programme, facilitated over several weeks or as a workshop condensed into one day, provides the practical skills and resources that are needed for a career change.

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  • Charismatic Leadership

    Charismatic Leadership

    The self-image of the charismatic leader is usually so powerful and dynamic that other people are naturally drawn to them. In this way, a leader’s charisma acts as a catalyst to getting things done and to driving transformation across the business.

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  • Coaching and Mentoring Others

    Coaching and Mentoring Others

    Learn the skills that will facilitate insight, learning and change for others. Coaching and Mentoring is far more than having a conversation – it’s about engaging, sharing skills, experience, values and knowledge. It’s knowing how to create a real partnership!

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  • Communicating the Vision

    Communicating the Vision

    High-performing leaders recognise that those people who can identify with the company’s vision typically have higher levels of commitment, engagement, motivation and professional satisfaction.

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  • Communication skills

    Communication skills

    This programme will enhance employee communication skills, overcome barriers to effective communication, and hone all the key body language, listening and verbal techniques that will improve interpersonal relationships

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  • Competency-based Interviewing

    Competency-based Interviewing

    This programme will help managers to understand their particular personality preferences so that their natural leadership strengths can be harnessed and natural weaknesses can be addressed.

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