Our Engagement and Talent Development solutions are so much more than a simple ‘training intervention’. 

We create learning environments that challenge assumptions and established ways of thinking, driving positive behavioural change that delivers on business strategy. 


Create a culture of personal and professional growth so when businesses compete to attract key talent, your people have a compelling reason to stay.


Whether addressing an individual need, or as part of a wider initiative, gain insight and confidence with us at your back.  Our Engagement and Talent Development solutions are delivered through group workshops, one-to-one coaching, blended solutions and online resources and tools.


When learning needs are unclear, engage our expertise to help identify the competency gaps and clarify your learner demographic so together we can design a learning framework that is relevant to both your business and your people. Ensure new skills and behaviour are applied and sustained for the long term.


Develop a culture of continuous learning and in addition to providing technical training, enhance the soft skill capability of your people to drive higher levels of motivation, job satisfaction and engagement. Target the specific interpersonal skills that are needed by the people in your business, and demonstrate a commitment to high performance learning and delivery.


Take action before an employee’s poor performance or low motivation really takes hold. Provide impartial and non-threatening third party coaching to confidentially get to the heart of the real issues so the individual identifies and accepts accountability where it is warranted. We will use our expertise to sensibly resolve the issues associated with an employee who is a ‘square peg in a round hole’, before time consuming performance management becomes the only way forward.


FACT - Businesses with a strong commitment to career development typically attract more talented employees. Minimise the risks associated with unexpected turnover and become an ‘employer of choice’ in your industry. Create career pathways and provide the skills and tools that empower your people to take personal responsibility for aligning their career aspirations with current and future business goals.


If your business has limited internal HR resource or some of your line managers are out of their depth when addressing time consuming people needs, make available impartial and confidential coaching for people to access on an as needs basis. Resolve the issues that impact performance and productivity before they escalate and enable managers to get on with addressing operational priorities.

Why gamble with the investment being placed into your people?  Engage us for a lasting solution that delivers on your business strategy.

  • We create learning environments where assumptions are challenged and established ways of thinking and acting are tested and adapted.
  • Our interactive, customised, relevant and practical learning techniques ensure new skill and behaviour is not only applied – it becomes second nature.
  • Our blended learning approach has been designed to cater to differences in individual learning behaviours, levels of resistance, self-discipline, roadblocks, and the innate ability to sustain focus and motivation.
  • We take the time to learn about your people, the company’s values and culture, and the results you need for the business vision to be realised.
  • Our highly experienced subject matter-experts facilitate customised workshops and tailored coaching programmes that are practical and results focused.
  • To ensure relevance, we incorporate specific pain points experienced by your business and your people into our facilitation.

Simply put, we represent the research that demonstrates the learning modalities that ensure new skill and behaviour is applied and sustained for the long term.

I have always found CDL to be very approachable, helpful and professional and they have certainly added value to our team.

I have worked with CDL for a number of years now. They are responsive and adaptive in their approach and professional in their dealings. The feedback from individuals who use their service has always been positive and it is good to know that the assistance that CDL provides is valued.

One of the key benefits of using the professional services of CDL is the quality of their people, the flexibility and ease of use of the programmes they apply and the sensitive and empathetic approach they show to managers and staff. CDL is an organisation I can rely on to make a difference.

CDL's working style, the skills of the facilitator, and the modular based approach, enabled us to tailor programme content and delivery within a unique learning context, to ensure it delivered the outcomes we sought. Thanks CDL, always a pleasure to work with you!

Manager Personnel Licensing Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
HR Manager
General Manager Human Resources, Public Trust
Janine Lipsys HR Manager

Ready for a solution that is tuned into your people and your business? Let's talk! 

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