When workplace change results in redundancy, the future may suddenly seem a lonely and uncertain place.

Our career transition and outplacement advice, practical career toolkit and proven job search resources help re-establish your employee’s dented confidence and create a clear pathway to employment.


We provide an extensive range of career transition and outplacement solutions specifically​​​​ designed to address the needs across all levels of seniority - from ​​​​​CEOs to those on the factory floor.


Whether addressing an individual need, or as part of a wider initiative, gain insight and confidence with us at your back.  Our outplacement solutions are delivered through group workshops, one-to-one coaching and online resources and tools.


Whether 1 or 500 people are affected, make the most of our specialist expertise in workplace restructuring, consultation and redundancy management. Learn how to apply relevant employment legislation, to ensure seamless and procedural correctness and to minimise the potential for costly personal grievance action. Throughout the entire process, you will feel a sense of reassurance with CDL at your back.


With CDL, access the country’s most extensive range of job search solutions and help your departing employee(s) to land a new job as quickly as possible AND within the budget you have to work with. Give each person a critical competitive edge and a secure pathway to employment by selecting from one-to-one coaching packages, in-house workshops, online tools and access to our innovative job-seeker resource hub.


Recognise seniority and contribution by targeting individual transition needs and professional pressure points. Provide career planning so professional goals and options are defined. Ensure your employee(s) has access to CDL’s proven techniques and extensive HR and recruitment network. Reinforce a successful transition through our unique 'the first 100 days' mentoring programme at executive level.


Facilitate a disciplinary, misconduct or poor performance exit by agreeing to provide practical and confidential job search coaching on departure. Through CDL, give the employee the skills that are required to take the next steps, while they also take ownership of the issues that resulted in termination of employment.

Employees have found the delivery style participative and engaging, the topics covered to be thought provoking and they came away with insights into how well they were really prepared for this upcoming stage in their lives.

I have always found CDL to be very approachable, helpful and professional and they have certainly added value to our team.

I have worked with CDL for a number of years now. They are responsive and adaptive in their approach and professional in their dealings. The feedback from individuals who use their service has always been positive and it is good to know that the assistance that CDL provides is valued.

The service provided by CDL consultants was excellent. I felt they really understood our organisation and what we wanted to achieve. The project was well planned and communicated, implemented effectively and efficiently followed up afterwards. I was able to get on with other things knowing that CDL had everything under control.

One of the key benefits of using the professional services of CDL is the quality of their people, the flexibility and ease of use of the programmes they apply and the sensitive and empathetic approach they show to managers and staff. CDL is an organisation I can rely on to make a difference.

Human Resources Manager Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
Manager Personnel Licensing Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
HR Manager
HR Manager Standards New Zealand
General Manager Human Resources, Public Trust

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