Supporting our charity, Project Jonah on Recent Whale Stranding Farewell Spit

The recent whale stranding at Farewell Spit was one of the biggest New Zealand has ever seen. As our sponsored charity, we are proud to be associated with Project Jonah, a not for profit registered NZ charity focused on the protection and preservation of the marine mammals that call NZ waters home.

Three of the four CDL Directors have been trained and are accredited by Project Jonah as marine mammal medics, and we don’t hesitate to respond when we receive a text that a whale stranding needs all the volunteers it can muster.  Last Sunday at 3:30 am two of our Christchurch based Directors drove the 7 hours to Farewell Spit, to arrive ahead of the high tide re-float.  Our Auckland based director was already there marshalling the troops. It’s always an emotional experience to witness a stranding, not made easier by the panic that comes from the calves who are desperate to find their mothers as the tide comes in.

As a business we are so grateful to our clients who give us such amazing support when business meetings are unexpectedly interrupted or put on hold as we make an emergency dash to another part of the country only to return a day or two later looking worse for wear, and reeking of seaweed!

You can read more about the whale stranding here.





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