Cherri Holland

Cherri Holland

Consultants and Coaches

Cherri’s 20 years of varied business and public sector exposure in nine countries has given her acute insight into what makes organisations succeed. Having noticed what clients have immediately implemented for best effect, she focuses on the proven success essentials. Managers and executives quickly pick up and implement these actions to change the way people think, feel and act in a common direction for best impact.

Commercially-savvy, engaging and inspirational, Cherri quickly builds positive rapport with a wide range of clients, inspires their confidence to take the necessary actions in their unique situation.

Cherri has the ability to identify people and business needs across a wide range of sectors. Leadership Facilitation is Cherri’s passion and her clients readily verify the changes they have been able to make, describing her professionalism, integrity and the value she brings to their organisation.

Staying close to the market enables Cherri to offer sound, valuable guidance. Her work has been conducted at all levels in organisations, including work with professionals such as lawyers, accountants, engineers and scientists from icon companies in Australia and New Zealand. Work in India for six weeks further exposed her to international trends and the business impact of diverse cultures.

Cherri clarifies what is needed to make teams and organisations effective, quickly getting people to that “aha” moment when challenges are resolved and people are equipped to do what their situation requires.

In CDL, Cherri also takes shared responsibility for the CDL Coach Academy, specialising in the training and induction of CDL’s Leadership Coaches, providing peer supervision and ongoing professional development.


  • Management Consulting
  • Coaching and Training
  • Senior Executive Advice
  • Change Management
  • Learning Design


  • Engineering / Construction
  • Information Technology
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Legal and Accounting Practice
  • Retail
  • Location: Coaches and Facilitators
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