Gwyn Hayward-Ryan

Gwyn Hayward-Ryan

Consultants and Coaches

Gwyn has worked as a consultant and coach since 1995. She has been designated a Master Coach (MMC) by the International Association of Coaching – thus recognizing a high level of competence, professionalism and ethics.

A friendly and engaging manner means Gwyn quickly and easily builds trust and rapport. Being ‘alongside’ as a partner and mentor, Gwyn involves her clients very easily in the process and value of coaching.

A University qualification that has earned her a BA in psychology and MPhil in Management, describes her focus and own commitment to personal development. By understanding people, being dedicated and enthusiastic, Gwyn empowers individuals to maximise their potential.

Gwyn brings to CDL an extensive professional background in transition and career management coaching, supporting and advising employees at all levels of seniority and across multiple industry sectors.

Having successfully started a business of her own, Gwyn is quick to identify changing trends and needs. Always with a compassionate, professional approach, clients benefit from her ability to help them see ‘blind spots’ to their development. Gwyn’s passionate about helping people to be driven to act with greater confidence and effectiveness.

What she really loves to do is to empower people through knowledge, skills, support and accountability.


  • Career Development Coaching
  • Training and Facilitation
  • Human Resource Consulting
  • Leadership Development
  • Outplacement


  • Media
  • Manufacturing
  • Non for Profit
  • Recruitment
  • Health
  • Location: Coaches and Facilitators
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