Helen Broughton

Helen Broughton

Management and Support

Helen is well regarded for the high levels of ethics and integrity that she demonstrates both personally and in a work situation. She is described by her colleagues as well organised, someone who likes to ‘cross the T’s and dot the I’s’ and having great interpersonal and communication skills.

Helen organises the materials that support the expansive coaching and training services provided by CDL and is the administrative interface between the CDL coaching teams based in New Zealand and Australia and the management team within the business.

Helen makes all the travel arrangements on behalf of the company, collates feedback from workshop participants and liaises with numerous suppliers to the business. No two days are the same within CDL and Helen’s wonderful sense of humour is often a welcome respite to the busy-ness that we continually experience.

In her spare time, Helen is the published author of several children’s books and contributes very regularly to volunteer service within the community.


  • Customer Service
  • Reception
  • Word Processing
  • Liaison
  • Office Administration


  • Consulting
  • Health
  • Transportation
  • Print Media
  • FMCG
  • Location: Management and Support
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